Shetland (1)

After a busy Christmas, I’ve come up to Shetland with Jen until New Year’s Eve. We flew up on the 27th, painfully early in the morning, and spent much of the day recovering. In the evening we were invited to a fantastic fish supper at the friend of a friend’s, where we were smothered with fish options – crab, lobster, chowder and John Dory.

Yesterday we had a walk along the cliffs to Papil. It was mid-afternoon and the light was absolutely fantastic. Sadly I couldn’t bring my “proper” camera over from Holland so I only have the compact with me, which broke yesterday during the walk. Jen has offered to let me use her camera for the rest of the trip, though today it’s blowing a gale, so it could be that photo opportunities are anyway limited. In the evening we had a traditional Shetland tea – sassermaet (fried, spiced sausagemeat) and fried duck eggs, with friends and a couple bottles of wine. You can download the GPS track log from our walk, and view it in Google Earth.

Today we had a quiet morning, listening to the wind howling outside, curled up with Jen’s cats Sophie and Owl. We went into Lerwick in the afternoon for some shopping – groceries, wool for a scarf and a Monopoly board. Once we came back, we retreated again to the sofa to watch “Noi Albinoi” – a rather depressing Icelandic film about a teenage boy somewhere up in the North of Iceland.

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