Shetland (2)

Since today was my last day in Shetland, we made an effort to go out for a walk despite the gale that is still blowing. I had a great time driving my car again, for the first time since Jen brought it up to Shetland in August, though it did make it a little hard to really enjoy the fantastic scenery.

We headed up to Fethaland, right up at the top of Shetland Mainland, to walk up to the coast and see the sea stacks. This is one of Jen’s favourite places on Shetland, which she discovered on her first stay here, when she was based up in the Northern part of the island. In the event, the weather got too much for us – brutal wind, hail and then driving rain whilst we were still a good half hour’s walk from Fethaland meant that we chickened out and headed back to the car defeated by both the elements, and our wet, manure seasoned trousers.

On our way back, we stopped off in Lerwick, where we rescued Klaudia from her shackles at work and went back home to Jen’s place with some much earned (and hard to find) fish and chips. We also picked up yet more wool for the scarf I’m making, which needs to keep me busy for a 3 hour stopover in Aberdeen Airport tomorrow.

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