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… well, nearly.

My End of Course Assignment for the Open University course I signed up for last summer – Studying Mammals – is all packaged up and ready to go! The course was based on the BBC television series, The Life of Mammals, and covered many aspects of mammalian biology.

Both the television series and its accompanying book are available through Amazon (DVD, Book), and I’d highly recommend either of them.

Despite the fact that making time to study has been hard the last few months, and indeed most of my work for the course has been done in the last three weeks, my innate thirst for knowledge (or lack of common sense…) has not been overcome, and I’ve signed up for another course Molecules, Medicines and Drugs: A Chemical Story which begins in February.

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  1. Mammals?! I’ll take that recommendation, put a sombrero on it, and call it Malcolm.We would like to know about fruit bats in particular. Have some knowledge of the wombat.

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