Skiing Lesson

My Christmas present from Mum and Dad was a skiing lesson at the dry ski-slope in Rossendale, which I took on Sunday afternoon.

The name “dry ski slope” is in fact a misnomer – the skiing surface is made up of honeycomb patterned brushes, which are sprayed constantly by a sprinkler system in order to provide a snow-like skiing surface. That, coupled with the rain, made for a very wet, although thoroughly enjoyable, experience.

I had a two hour private lesson, and really noticed the difference in how far I was able to progress, compared to the group lesson that was also taking place. By the end of the lesson I had graduated from the nursery slope on to the main slope, and apart from a small slip-up on the tow-lift the first time round, stayed on my feet!

The centre was quite busy – as well as providing ski and snowboard lessons, they also have snow-tube parties for younger children. There was a birthday party taking place whilst I was there, with a large group of 5/6 year olds. I was little surprised when one of the lads nudged his friend, pointed at me and said “Look at that old lady on ski’s” – I guess the grey hairs are showing more than I realised!

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