Team Cultural Event

Well, perhaps “cultural” is a bit of an exaggeration for what was essentially a team get-together at the house of a colleague, to which each of us brought a culinary offering, in most cases something that is traditional from our land of origin.

My contribution was a steak and kidney pie, whose construction was fraught with difficulties. Lacking a normal sized oven, I took it round to my colleague’s the night before to cook, and then brought it into work on Thursday, but without the puff pastry for the lid which I was planning to add at the last moment. Unfortunately, because of the storms that hit on Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t get back home to collect as the trams to Delft weren’t running, so I had to compromise with some filo pastry that I found at a nearby evening shop.

Avocado with prawns (South Africa)
Potato pancakes (Belarus)
Raw Herring (Netherlands)

Main Courses
Pilaf (Kazakhstan)
Spruitjes (Netherlands)
Steak and Kidney Pie (UK)
Vegetable Curry (UK)

We had a very enjoyable evening, and finished up with a walk on the beach at Scheveningen.

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