Since joining the choir last year, I’ve also been receiving education in the area of Belgian beer from my friends Darby, Fiona, Chris and Alex. Now only Fiona and I are left in Holland, but my education is continuing!

Ever since my first trip to a specialist beer cafe with them, I’ve heard stories of the almost mythical Westvleteren beer, brewed by the monks at the abbey of Sint Sixtus in Westvleteren, Belgium. The monks only brew enough beer each year to support the abbey, and despite the beer’s popularity, have no intention of increasing production, making the beer very hard to find.

Last night, we managed to get our hands on some at Locus Publicus, our usual Delft haunt. They have a limited supply, and are rationing it – we sampled all 3 varieties, and pretty much cleaned out the evening’s supply single-handedly. Even Ivo, an avowed Duvel drinker, had to sample it…

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  1. An odd irony that the monks “try to lead a quiet and modest life, searching for God,” while other folk lead an immodest, natter-jack life in search of their beer …

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