Bergen (2) – Hike from Arna to Bergen

After warming up yesterday with a leisurely stroll around Fløyen, today was time for a more serious hike. Having searched on the internet and not found too many suggestions, I bought myself a 1:25000 map of Bergen and the surrounding areas and a book of suggested hikes (in Norwegian) and sat down last night to plan my route. I came up with a walk from Arna over the hills to Bergen.

Arna is a small town, situated at the end of an arm of Sørfjorden, and is the first stop on the Bergen – Oslo railway line. The station is sandwiched between two tunnels, as the railway line passes through the hillside.

The first couple km of the walk were along roadside, followed by a short section along a marked path. Pretty quickly though, as I climbed the hill and entered the boggy areas the only indications of the route were occasional waymarkers and cairns. As I only met one other person along the way, there were times where I was very unsure that I was following the right path, although the GPS was some comfort. Eventually, I emerged from the bogs (up to my knees in mud by this stage – not too much fun when KLM have lost your change of trousers) onto the first ridge and was finally able to see the point I was heading for – Vikinghytten, the halfway point of the walk. Before I could reach there, though, I had to cross a small valley and climb up the next ledge – sadly, more bog!

The first section leaving Vikinghytten was more of the same – struggling through bogs and keeping an eagle eye out for cairns marking the way. Finally, though, as I neared the marked path again, I began to spot other walkers in the distance, sure signs that I was heading in the right direction. Once I reached the marked paths there was a constant stream of walking traffic, mostly, I assume having walked from Ulriken – another peak in Bergen which can be reached by cable car. After struggling through the bogs, the last few km along the paths were remarkable easy work, and within a relatively short time I found myself back on the trails of Mount Fløyen and at the end of the walk.

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