Back at Schiphol, and ready to go…

Well, I hope so any way. After waiting for 7 hours yesterday, with an ever increasing delay, KLM decided to cancel the flight and put everyone up in a hotel for the night. So, for the second time in two weeks, I found myself without a suitcase, clutching a KLM overnight emergency bag. (contents: XXL t-shirt, mini toothbrush/paste, laundry soap, runny deodorant, razor, moisturizer.) Now I remember exactly why I prefer to travel with handluggage only.

What can I say? My travelling track record for the last two weeks now looks like the following:

  • arriving in Bergen to find that my suitcase didn’t make it
  • trying to leave Bergen and finding out that I didn’t actually have a plane ticket (no, I also don’t know how KLM managed to send me out to Bergen without having issued my ticket in the first place)
  • arriving back in Amsterdam to find that I left my wallet in Bergen Airport
  • trying to fly to Vancouver, only to have the flight cancelled too late in the evening to find an alternate route

Fingers crossed that I manage to get through the rest of the trip without any further difficulties.

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