Sitting comfortably in Paris Charles de Gaulle

I’m not yet on the plane, but I can already say that First Class is pretty cool! Arrived at Paris and disembarked the plane to find an escort holding a “Mrs Hadfield” sign. Followed like a little sheep through the maze of Charles de Gaulle and was fast-tracked through passport and security checks (still had to take my shoes off and empty the contents of my bag, mind you).

I’m now sitting in the lounge, with my own personal assistent who gave me a little welcome speech and a cup of coffee. WiFi access of course here – they even scratch the scratch card to get the user id and password ready for you.

Just investigated the breakfast bar… didn’t really fancy KLM’s offering of “omlette and roast chicken sandwich” on the flight to Paris.

Well, when in Paris, eat a pain au chocolat and a mini brioche. A bit of parma ham and some chorizo. Think I’ll pass on the strawberry juice though.

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