GCKVA3 – Roskilde, Denmark

There’s been quite a break in geocaching activity, so Mum, Dad and I decided to try and hunt a few out on a weekend break to Copenhagen.

We found this one after a visit to the Viking Ship museum in Roskilde. The cache is in a nice spot near some old half-timbered houses, and worth a visit. Given the cold and chilly weather, it was a good incentive to keep us outside a little longer.

Dad spotted the cache location, but we sent Mum on the scramble to collect it!

(Unfortunately the rest of geocaching activities on the weekend were less successful. On Sunday we tried for a couple Swedish caches, but failed to find either, hampered by building works and locked gates. Back in Denmark we had the final option of a cache at Kronberg Slot, in Helsingør, but running out of time to catch the train we only got within a frustrating 300ft of it.)

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