GCMG09 – Bowdon, UK

Cache Description

Back at home for the Easter Weekend… We’d planned to try and find some caches along the Thames whilst we were down South for the Asthma UK 10K on Saturday, however we didn’t have enough time before heading off back home.

Instead, Dad and I decided to look for a local cache, near the Bollin River, near the site of Watch Hill castle, a Motte and Bailey castle (or at least, the traces of one). Interesting, the things you can find a mile from home, if you only take the trouble to look. According to wikipedia, this is the most important archeological site in the Trafford borough, and yet we’d never heard of it.

The cache itself was in two stages – the first micro cache, giving the final co-ordinates to the cache itself. We found both without any difficulty, but unfortunately the cache itself had suffered damage, perhaps in the recent storms, and the contents were scattered over a couple of metres.

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