Huffin, Puffin and Howling

So, after an overnight stop in Aberdeen, and a very early flight, I’m in Shetland again. The wind is howling, and there’s a fair amount of rain – business as usual, thus.

We went straight from the airport to Sumburgh Head (about 10 minutes down the road), where as promised, we found some puffins (and a few cormorants, guillemots and gulls). Very pleased with the performance of my camera… hopefully the skies will clear enough over the next few days for some landscape photography too.

For the rest, a leisurely first day, meeting up with some of Jen’s friends, and hatching plans for setting up a geocache (hopefully more on that later). Owl, Jen’s gorgeous, rotund and rather shy cat, is getting used to having me around again, though he does have to hide under the bed every now and then when it all gets too much for him.

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