Domestic Bliss

For all my plans to publish a triumphant blog entry on September 1st, announcing possession of my very own house, it’s taken over a month to find the time, and internet connection, necessary to do so.

There’s a loaf of bread, fresh out of the bread machine. The dishwasher (how I love the dishwasher) is gurgling away in the corner. The room is bathed with low-level lighting (the only sort I have at the moment, not helped by the fact that every IKEA lamp purchase involves me buying the wrong sort of light bulb).

Whilst the house is still looking a little minimalist, I have now taken possession of a few key domestic items – washing machine, dryer and vacuum cleaner, all of which I have been testing out today. Some of the more basic items – sofa, bed, etc are still near the bottom of the shopping list 🙂

Mum and Dad visited two weeks ago, and gave a hand with clearing the garden, some DIY and various painting jobs. In return, I cooked for them and served them food on paper plates. Possibly not a fair exchange.

Photos will follow eventually, but not until I manage to bring together the correct combination of computer, memory card and camera. A bit of challenge when most of your possessions are in boxes still.

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