Rupert, Rein and Stogholo (2)

So, the cats are at home, and slowly settling in. Rupert was first out of the cat basket, and had no hesitation in setting off to explore his new home. In fact, he’s already of the opinion that the downstairs in under control and he’d like to see what else in on offer. I’m sitting on the sofa now, and he’s curled up next to me seeming quite content.

Rein and Stogholo will take somewhat longer to adjust. Rein is currently hiding under the sofa and Stogholo in a small space between the fridge and the wall. Rein was fairly quick to venture out and explore, but Stogholo is extremely nervous and waited quite a while before leaving the travelling basket. He has taken a small tour of the room, although he walked in a crouch, flattening himself almost to the ground in the hope that no-one would see him.

So far the cats don’t seem to have any problems with each other. Rein seems quite keen to play with Rupert, who is far more interested in exploring than making friends. Still there’s been no fighting or growling yet. All three cats managed to come together in one small space whilst they explored the cupboard under the stairs, but Rupert (who seems to have a head for heights) put paid to that by trying to climb up on to the shelves. The result – half the contents of the shelf were flung to the floor and all three cats came flying out in shock. The kittens haven’t yet emerged again!

The names, by the way, are those given to them by the animal shelter. Rupert is already so firmly fixed in my head that I won’t change it. Rein and Stogholo will be renamed, although I haven’t picked their new names yet.

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  1. What fun, lovely friends. Tabby bliss, think he might be a bit of a character. See how quickly they discover its nice to be in a warm bed!Like your new additional family.Mum

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