SK277 Human Biology – TMA01

As a general rule, most of what arrives through my letter box is not of great excitement – junk mail, letters addressed to the previous occupants, or if I’m really lucky, a bank statement.

As it happens, there was one thing I’ve been expecting for the last week or so – the results from the first assignment (on Cells and Nutrition) of my Human Biology course.  In the event, I was so sidetracked when I came home this evening, wondering if Rupert was finally going to manage to keep down his dinner (he did, a great relief to all!), that it was some time before I realised that the dreaded OU envelope had arrived.

Despite the rush to finish the essay in time for the deadline, I surprised myself once again by scoring 88%.  The tutor’s remarks were also very positive, although his final comment “I look forward to receiving your next assignment” certainly increases the pressure for TMA02.

(picture taken from “Cells and Nutrition”, Open University 2004)

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