St Nicolas Chorale

After a number of years singing with the choir of St John and St Philip in The Hague, I made the difficult decision before Christmas to leave the choir and seek new challenges. My new choir, the St Nicolas Chorale, who sing at the St Nicolaaskerk in Amsterdam, is a specialist choral evensong choir, singing services alternate Saturdays.

Traveling to Amsterdam was a bit of a concern when making my decision, but so far seems to work quite efficiently, particularly as I used my time on the train to study.

Whilst it was very sad to leave my friends in The Hague, I have felt instantly welcome in the new choir, and with purple robes and a familiar repertoire from my singing days in Bowdon, I felt instantly at home… although extremely nervous when I realized that I had to lead the choir procession at the start of the service!

Today was my first evensong with the choir:

  • introit: From the rising of the Sun, Ouseley
  • responses: Ayleward
  • office hymn: Hostes Herodes impie
  • psalm 72, chant Garrett
  • canticles: Walmisley in D minor
  • anthem: Here is the little door, Howells

With the exception of January, where we are singing the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays, you can normally find me there on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. Upcoming music lists are available here.

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