Table Manners

I had hoped that Rupert would be a good influence on the kittens, an older brother figure that they could look up to. Sadly, it appears that this was wishful thinking – the kittens certainly seem to regard Rupert with awe – purring frantically when he pays them any attention, and following his every move. Unfortunately, he seems only to be teaching them bad habits such as leaping onto the worktop and sitting on the kitchen table.

After a couple days of harmony, the frustrations of being kept inside are catching up Rupert, and the kittens seem to be a convenient target on which to take out some pent up frustrations. Fortunately, the kittens take every attack in the spirit of fun (indeed Rasha has no problems about being pounced on by Rupert, but is still terrified of me), and yesterday Zephyr and Rupert even curled up together during a ceasefire.

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