Zephyr and Rasha-ba

After some deliberation, I have decided to name both kittens after named winds (not, I should point out, because either has shown particular signs of flatulence!).

The white and black kitten, originally named Rein, is Zephyr, after the Greek god of the west wind. Although the name does seem to suit him, it’s not perhaps the most appropriate, as in Greek mythology, Zephyr was the most gentle of the winds.

Stogholo, I have renamed (with some relief) to Rasha-ba, or Rasha. The name is Kurdish for the “black wind” and is given to a strong wind in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Both kittens are beginning to settle in. Zephyr is now quite affectionate, although Rasha is still keeping his distance, and won’t really let me get too close to him yet.

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