Choral Evensong – 21st February 2009

I picked Jen up from the airport today on the way to Amsterdam. With perfect timing, we had just enough to find some lunch (sushi, what else?) before I went to my rehearsal, leaving her to explore Amsterdam for an hour or two.

Knowing that you have family or friends in the congregation always add something special to the singing, especially today, as this is the first time a family member has come to hear me sing in Amsterdam. But at the end of the service there was an extra treat in store – during the final procession I caught sight of my friends Frank and Brenda, who had also come along to listen. I was really pleased to see them, and also to have the opportunity to introduce them to Jen. We had a couple drinks together in a cafe before heading off home.

  • introit: Come my way, my truth, my love Harris
  • responses: Nardone (I love these, and they’re great to sing in the accoustic of the St Nicolaas)
  • office hymn: Lucis creator
  • psalm 42, Wesley, Nicholson
  • canticles: Howells in G
  • anthem: The Lord hath been mindful, S. S.Wesley

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