Revenge of the kroket

As long term readers will know, on Jen’s last visit she fell in love with that humble Dutch snack – the kroket.

As an incentive to last the journey home from Amsterdam, I promised her that we’d pick one up during the stopover at Hollands Spoor station, as we’d done on her previous trip.

Imagine therefore our shock on arrival to discover that the Kiosk on platforms 3 & 4 has been completely renovated – all very nice and beautiful, I’m sure, but not a kroket in sight! Fearing mutiny, I led her out of the station, and braving the tram lines with the wheely-suitcase, took her across the road to a snack bar. Krokets in hand, we made it back on to the platform with a minute to spare before the train arrived…

… it was delicious!

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