Voyage en Antarctique

Part of the French course I’m following at work involves giving a presentation to the rest of the class (in French, of course!). Today was my turn, so I was to be found before work this morning, frantically putting together the finishing touches on the slides, and preparing my transcript.

Over the last couple years at work, I’ve given quite a few presentations, and I must confess that I still suffer from nerves every time. Giving a presentation in French however, causes stress of a new level of magnitude. Normally, I concentrate my preparation on the slides, and I don’t put together an exact text which I plan to present. Since my French isn’t fluent enough to allow me to speak off the cuff, I prepared a transcript for this presentation, which had the advantage of making sure I knew what to say, but the disadvantage of breaking up the flow of speech, and causing a higher level of stuttering than normal!

The presentation was titled “Voyage en Antarctique”, and gave some general information related to the Antarctic and some more specific information relating to the trip I will take at the end of the year.

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