Haarlem Choral Evensong – 29th March 2009

6 weeks or so ago, before I realised that I would be singing in Amsterdam this morning, I offered my services for the Choral Evensong at the Anglican Church in Haarlem, another 5th Sunday of the month event. Martin wanted to have an up to date picture of the Haarlem choir, so here I am, sporting Haarlem robes for a change. This was the first time I’ve sung in the Haarlem church, and so I was rather surprised to find out that it was upstairs!

  • Introit: God be in my head Nicholson
  • Responses: Nardone
  • Psalm 51, Morley
  • Canticles: Wood in Eb
  • Anthem: Solus ad Victimam Leighton

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