Natuurfotografieclub VNF West

I’ve fancied joining a local photo club for many years now (before I came to The Netherlands in fact), but somehow I’ve never managed to get round to doing it. A couple weeks ago I started considering idea again in earnest, and found that the national organization of nature photography has a group which meets once a month in Delft. Whilst there are a couple general interest photography clubs in Delft, the idea of a club dedicated to nature photography really piqued my interest.

As luck would have it, today was the monthly meeting, so despite the fact that my week was already looking a bit action packed, I made the effort to attend. The usual format of the meetings is a combination of theory and members showing and discussing their photos. Today was an exception, as the whole evening was given over to a presentation by one of the members of the use of layers in Photoshop. Not being a Photoshop expert, I certainly learned a lot, although how much I can remember is another matter. Whilst my Dutch was sufficient to follow the presentation, I had to concentrate hard to take in all the unfamiliar terms.

I was made very welcome by the club members, and am looking forward to attending again next month to see how a “normal” club evening progresses. A number of the club members encourage me to bring a long some of my own photos for the “show and tell” part of the evening – we’ll see if I dare!

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