A busy week, and it ended up with an all-night assignment-writing/packing stint. Despite all my panicking, I made it to Schiphol with plenty of time, albeit in a rather spaced-out state, and managed to get myself onto the plane, one Anna Pavlova, MD11, whose interior was rather flashier looking than I remember her counterparts Mother Theresa & Ingrid Bergman being. Lucky enough to have a free seat next to me, I spent most of the flight asleep (virtually unheard of), and arrived in Vancouver in decent enough shape. I picked up a Behemoth from Hertz (it was supposed to be a compact, but I ended up with a choice between an SUV and a minivan), and drove to Grandmere’s where I was greated with a very welcome G & T.

Oh yes, how could I forget the most important part of all? I also picked up my new camera – a Canon 5D Mk II. Looking forward to trying it out during the trip.

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