Playing truant with the butterflies

I couldn’t help but feel like I was playing truant from school when I left work today at 1pm with four photo-fanatic colleagues, in order to visit Vlinders aan de Vliet, a butterfly house in nearby Leidschendam.

Walking into the butterfly house feels like stepping into the rainforest – surrounded by warm, humid air and tropical bird song. The only jarring features being the four enclosing walls, and the small children that invariably trip over your tripod legs.

Watching the butterflies was fun, but photographing them a great challenge, hampered by movement, high f-stops, and distracting backgrounds. I used two lenses for the job – a 105mm macro lens, and the new 70-200mm f2.8. In the end, I had very few pictures that I was really pleased with, as many either suffer from movement blur, or insufficient depth of field. I have, however, put a small gallery up on my site.

Having seen Marcel in action with his macro flash equipment, I have a feeling I have found yet another item for my photo equipment wish list.

Links to the others’ photos will follow.

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  1. Hi Natasha, really very beautiful butterfly pictures. I had also planned to come but was so stupid to forget my camera at home, even though I had put it next to the front door. Dan told me you wouldn’t have hesitated to borrow me one of yours if you could, which is very kind of you. Waiting for the next opportunity then.

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