RoadTrip (1)

How many people have a 102 year old (ok, technically 101 for another couple weeks) grandmother who is up for a road trip? Not too many, I guess. I consider myself lucky.

When I arrived last night she told me that the gin and the cans of tonic were packed, and that she was making corned beef hash sandwiches for lunch. The sandwiches, apparently, have been planned for some days now. Her instinct to feed the troups clearly remains intact! (Indeed, she was shocked at breakfast this morning that not only would I be quite happy with cereal, rather than bacon and eggs or pancakes, but also that I considered a single-portion box of Rice Crispies quite sufficient).

It’s time to pack up the Behemoth and get on the road for our first leg – up to Chase, on Little Shushwap Lake.

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