Slovakia (10): Leaving Slovakia

Our last photo opportunity, sunrise on Friday morning, was yet again rained off. After a leisurely breakfast, I said goodbye to companions as they headed off for the airport, and I took the train back to Kosice. I spent the afternoon pottering around, visiting the bookshop (again!) to stock up for the return trip, and catching up on some photo processing.

By Sunday morning the rain had caught up with me, so I spent the time until check out in the apartment, and then headed straight for the airport. I was very grateful for the free wireless internet on offer there, not to mention the new books I had bought, as I arrived to find that the check-in and security check weren’t going to open for a couple of hours, and that the cafe was also closed. In fact, for the first 90 minutes, I pretty much had the airport to myself.

Back through Prague, Amsterdam and then finally the train, I arrived home some 9 hours after I had left the hotel. After a glass of wine with the neighbours, I enjoyed a Greek takeway (ordered over the internet, whilst I was waiting for my bag at Schiphol) and had an early night, looking forward to a lie-in on Monday morning.

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