Slovakia (4): Waterfall

Since it was our first day out in the field, we had a leisurely start, leaving the chalet at 7.30 take the funicular railway up to a spot where we could photograph a waterfall.

We walked from the railway terminal, down along the path of the stream, continuing on past the point where everyone else was posing for their cameras in front of the waterfall. We started low down the waterfall and slowly worked our way upstream. The day was fairly freeform, with Chris on hand to give advice, but basically leaving us to our own devices.

There were some good shots in the waterfall, but many necessitated contortions of both body and tripod to get a good composition. I also spent a little time trying to work on some macro shots, with limited success.

We spent the whole day photographing in the area, following upstream and then taking a loop which brought us back to the railway terminal. Eric took a scooter back down on the hill, but the rest of us were a bit more circumspect, deciding to walk down back down to the car. After a good dinner, we all went early to bed, to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s 4.30am departure.

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