Slovakia (7): Zelene Pleso

A relaxing start this morning, leaving the chalet at 6.15am for the walk to Zelene Pleso (Green Lake). It was a nice walk, uphill through the forest, with a river running alongside for much of the way. We stopped a couple times to take photos of waterfalls. Nearer the top, the weather deteriorated, and we hit some snow on the path. It was passable, but required a little concentration!

Up at the lake we stopped for a warm drink before heading out to take some photographs of the lake, which was surrounded by tall mountains. Unfortunately, it had become very cloudy, and almost as soon as we stepped outside, it started raining, initially lightly, but quickly becoming very heavy. We took shelter inside again, and tried to wait out the rain. After half an hour or so, it became clear that the weather was not going to improve any time soon, and so we decided to make out way back to the van, despite the rain.

It was a long and wet trudge back downhill, and decidedly cold. Alison and I were glad of the fleece lined hat that we purchased at the chalet. Back in town, we paid a visit to a shopping centre to stock up on beer, and so that I could buy a warmer fleece for tomorrow’s visit to Lomnický štít, where we will be staying the night.

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