Vancouver Island

I stayed in New Westminster just long enough to put a load of washing through, and then jumped back into the car and drove over to the ferry terminal at Tsawassen. I arrived with just minutes to spare before the 5pm ferry, and as I rushed through the terminal, and past the seating area at Berth 3, I was reminded of my 2 hour wait there with Grandmere and Janet on the way to Tofino last October.

On that occasion we had a picnic that Janet had brought with her, and ended up sharing it with a couple Toronto lads that we met on the way (a complicated story involving canceled flights, aborted landings, ferries and minivans that I never managed to blog at the time). This time, I was clutching a care package that Grandmere put together whilst I was busy with my laundry – separate baggies of smoked salmon, cheese, dills and crackers, enough protein content to last a week! I found myself a good spot on the outer deck and enjoyed the sun, and the view of the islands. A perfect day for the ferry ride.

Uncle John met me at the other end, and we drove back to his place, where we met up with old friend, Doug, and cousin James. Dinner was at the Blue Nile, an Eritrean restaurant, where by chance I’d eaten before with Jen, on the night of a poetry reading a couple years ago. (This being the poetry reading where I was persuaded to sing with Jen, and we fell about in hysterics in front of a coffee shop full of people. A Canadian style coffee shop. Not a Dutch one….)

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