One small step for Rasha and Zephyr…

… one giant leap for kittenkind … or something like that, anyway.

Except that in all honesty, letting the kittens outside was a far smaller step for them than it was for me. First of all, the wrestling to put their collars back on (especially in the case of Zephyr who took his off 3 times before I could even get him outside!), and then standing back and watching them explore.

As it happens, I haven’t yet taken the supreme step of letting them free to roam outside the garden, though once they got their confidence up, they both started showing an interest in the greater world. So far, though, I’ve managed to keep them (with much disentangling of claws from fence) in the back garden. Rupert isn’t entirely sure what to make of the kitten invasion into what, up til now, has been his place alone.

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