Rotterdam LadiesRun 5K – Official Results

As I mentioned in Rotterdam LadiesRun 5K, I was very pleased with the time I had recorded on my watch – 32:42. Unfortunately, when I got home and checked the official race time, I discovered that in fact my recorded chip time was rather slower – 33:41, a mere 13 seconds faster than my Leiden time. (My bruto time was 36:45, which just goes to show what a difference it makes when you are at the back of the pack). Looking more closely at the tracks from the watch, it appears to have only recorded 4.8km, which seems to correlate with the improved time – not sure what happened, but I can only imagine that I accidently paused it at some point.

In the meantime, the official photos are now in. Despite my best efforts to smile as I reached the finish, they’re pretty dreadful. Still, the background is nice, and I like that you can see that there were people who were slower than me!

I had some challenges figuring out my position in the race this time. The official results base everything on bruto times, which are more or less useless, given that it took 3-4 minutes to get everyone over the starting line, and that I was somewhere near the end. Eventually I figured out that not only were the full results were available on, but that they were conveniently downloadable in Excel format.

The graph shows the distribution of times for all participants in my race, and also the distribution from everyone in my category (women under 35). The darker green bar is where my time fell. I had hoped to put the two into a single chart, but Excel told me that it was too complicated. Quite why, I have no idea. It seemed straightforward to me.

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