Last Friday, on our way back from Munich, my colleague Auke asked me if I could accompany him today to Vienna, to give the same presentation as we have been giving in Munich and The Hague. After 8 years in the office this is the first chance I’ve had to visit Vienna, a small office with approximately 120 people, in a great location, next to the Schonbrunn Palace.

We were scheduled to give the presentation twice – once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Once we were finished we had an hour or so to spare, so we headed into the city centre to take a look around. Despite the weather forecast, which had been for heavy rain, we were treated to glorious blue skies, and the same heatwave that we have been enduring in The Netherlands.

We walked along the Ring to the opera house, stopping to pose on a traffic island (and in my case, getting surprised by a tram that snuck up behind me) and then on to St Stefansdom, before taking the S-Bahn back to the airport. All in all a long day, leaving home at 6am, and returning at 11pm, after an hour’s delay. Next stop Berlin?

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