Cat feeding goes hi-tech

Last week I ordered 3 automatic cat feeders from Amazon, and this morning I brought them over from England (wondering all the while why I didn’t just pay to have them delivered here).

Although their primary purpose is to make life easier if I go away, or want to go out in the evenings, I’m hoping that I can also train the cats to use the feeders in the morning, rather than jumping up and down on me, and hour or two before I want to get up.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad they arrived in 1 piece. Now the fun begins in training the "boys" to leave you alone in the early hours. M

  2. Jen Hadfield says:

    hohohoif owl's anything to go by they'll eat their breakfast an hour or two before you get up, and then jump up and down on you to see if there's any more…

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