I’ve been investigating the options for updating my blog offline, and as ever, much of the available software is only for the PC. I’ve decided to try out ScribeFire, an add-on for Firefox. My hope is that whilst I’m in Antarctica I can prepare blog entries and publish them on my return home, rather than trying to play catch-up.

At first glance it seems to do what I need – providing the option to create new posts, edit old posts and assign categories and posting date to entries. If you can see this post, then it would appear to work.

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  1. Hi Natasha,I tried it out, but it does not allow you to create blog entries with images. I needs to upload those during creation of the entry. Silly requirement. It will make your blog boring!I found 2 other promising products. Ecta and Blogo, both for Mac ofcourse. They are buggy, but do the job better.

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