It’s only 3 weeks now until the 16K run from Amsterdam to Zaandam, and I must admit that I’m feeling a little dubious whether I’m going to make it. After a month with no running, thanks to travelling and general exhaustion, I’ve managed to get going again, but my pace has pretty much ground to a halt.

Despite legs which felt like lead from the very first step this evening, though, I did manage to go out for an 11K run – auspicious for two reasons – the first, this is the longest distance I have ever run (by 1 km!) . Ever, in my whole life, that is. The second, is that thanks to the embarrassingly low speed I managed to sustain, it took me the grand total of 1h 30 mins. Which is a full 25 minutes longer than I have ever run before. Unfortunately, if I don’t manage to speed up at least a little bit before the Damloop, they will pull me off the course before I ever manage to complete the 16km.

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