Choral Evensong – 5th September 2009

The first service with our new organ scholar!

  • Introit: How beautiful are the feet, Stainer
  • Responses: Sumsion
  • Office Hymn: Lucis Creator
  • Psalm: 19
  • Canticles: Sumsion in A
  • Anthem: The Lord is my shephard, S.S. Wesley

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2 Replies to “Choral Evensong – 5th September 2009”

  1. Hi, it's Elisheva. I think it's pretty cool when you and Kerri quote Psalms. I'm not used to seeing them in English, and when I read what you write, I often have the Hebrew (original) going thru my head. It's interesting how things like that have made it around the world into different cultures.Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Hi Elisheva,Interesting you mention that. I was at a meeting the other week, and one of our tasks was to choose the music for our annual choral festival. We're going to sing one of the psalms half and half – so with a cantor singing one verse in Hebrew, and then the choir responding in English (or possibly Hebrew, if we think they can manage!) The plan is to use the original melodies, rather than the (for us) usual Anglican chant.

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