Rotterdam Halve Marathon – 10K

As warm up for next week’s 16K Damloop, Emmy and I decided to run the 10K in Rotterdam today. Joined by fellow runner, Emily, and photographer/pack carrier/cook for the day, Loek, we braved the cold, drizzle and wind as we ran along the Maas river and back.

Emmy and Emily both finished under an hour. My attempt was rather less convincing, at 1:10 being 4 minutes slower than my previous 10K a year ago (and 32nd from last!). I was left feeling that the 16K ought to be possible, but it certainly isn’t going to be very comfortable, especially if the blisters I now have don’t heal before Saturday.

After the race, it was back to Loek and Emily’s for a fantastic 6-course dinner, and some relaxation in front of a real live television (hey, it has novelty value for me, if for no-one else!) with their cats.

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