New bad habits

The good news is that the new “Rupert-proof” bin is proving to be a success. After 5 days, I haven’t yet found it upturned, or the floor scattered with rubbish. Frustrated in his bin-raiding habits, though, Rupert does seem to be taking out his frustrations by raiding the cupboard shelves for chocolate biscuits, stock cubes, baking powder and anything else that looks like it might make a mess! Now let’s hope that he doesn’t teach the kittens how to use the pedal…

He’s long expressed an interest in the fridge, and unfortunately this week he’s also discovered that it’s actually not as a big a leap as he’d thought. The net result – if I don’t watch out, he jumps in the fridge like a flash when I open it! (See how in the short time it took me to take the photo, the little rascal had already jumped in and tried to make off with the end of a piece of cheese?)

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