It’s Christmas at Schiphol!

OK, so I admit it.  There have been plenty of occasions in the past when I’ve been a bit Scrooge like about Schiphol’s Christmas decorations, primarily because they tend to appear in the middle of autumn, when I’m least expecting them, first thing on a Monday morning.  Today, I was actually quite cheered by them.

Considering the ridiculously long queue at security (which I was able to bypass thanks to my trusty privium card), the departure lounge was amazingly quiet.  I found myself a nice peaceful spot at the Chocolate Cafe and curled up on a (chocolate brown) sofa with a book.  Yes, I admit it, my no book policy lasted only as long as it took me to get my camera bag past the eagle eye of the check in assistant (who actually hardly gave the bag a second glance).

I spotted this strange thing on the way out of the cafe. You squeeze the bulbs and get a whiff of whatever is in the jars.  I think it was supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but honestly, I wasn’t convinced.

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