So, after a couple days trying to find a way through the pack ice, we
arrived at the Antarctic Peninsula around midday, and made our first
landing this afternoon, at a place called Brown Bluff, on the tip of the

We've seen so many beautiful things today – giant icebergs, Adelie and
Gentoo penguins porpoising and cruising on icebergs, and we were blessed
with fantastic weather. My first experiences of the continent of
Antarctica have truly lived up to my expectations. Tonight we are going
to sail back around the tip of the Peninsula and down the west side, and
we hope to make two landings tomorrow, weather and ice permitting.

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4 Replies to “Antarctica”

  1. Sounds really great. And extra sailing as well, due to this pack ice!How were you able to upload to your blog ?Take care, keep making nice pics and a good health !!

  2. Just had a look via Google Earth at some pics of Browm Bluff, and indeed, brown, black, white-ish, very impressive and very nice pictures!!

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