India (13) – Bandhavgarh to Delhi

A long and rather boring day.  After another hot and stuffy night, I was out wandering around the resort looking for birds to photograph by 7.30.  I didn’t turn up much new, although I did get a pond heron.

We had expected to be leaving the resort in the early afternoon to catch the train, but on discussion with Major mid morning it turned out that we didn’t have to go until 6.30.  What a waste of a day, had we known, we’d have organized another tiger safari. After yesterday’s disappointing all-western dinner, we were relieved that lunch was back to the full-Indian buffet.  A big improvement.  Since we won’t get dinner before boarding the train, which we’re on for 17 hours, only arriving in Delhi early tomorrow afternoon, we were relieved to get a proper lunch.  Looks like we’ll be subsisting on crisps and nuts between now and then.
The afternoon, like the morning, we spent hanging around and reading the books on offer.  And, of course, discussing the Iceland volcano situation.  After checking the our booking on the KLM site this morning, we are none the wiser what will happen with our flight, and expect that we will be stuck in Delhi for a few days.  At this point, I think we are all ready to go home…

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