It’s official, he’s had the wire removed from his jaw today, and my big bundle of stripey misbehaviour has been signed off as fully recovered.  So, now that the ordeal is over, some photos of the whole experience:
Day after the accident: just home from the vet’s after an overnight stay.  You can’t see it, but he has a wire fitted around his jaw.

Two days later, after another overnight stay, this time to have a feeding tube inserted.  As a result, he had to wear the annoying collar.

For a week, feeding involves mixing up formula, and giving it through the tube. After a couple days when he started to become interested in food again, I was able to feed him fancy moussey stuff off a spoon. Either way, it was all messy.

Finally feeling like playing again, despite the annoying collar. By this point he was desperately chasing after the kittens in the hope of a cuddle, but they were terrified of the collar, and ran away faster.

Tube and collar finally removed, he went straight after his favourite toy.  Very relieved to see he can still carry things around in his mouth, despite the missing teeth.

Nearly 6 weeks after the accident, the final visit to the vet’s today to get the wire removed. As you can see, he is restored to health, and also to his bad habits! After a day without eating because of the anaesthesia, he’s getting into everything try to find more food.

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