Vancouver Sun Run – 10K

So, the name gives it away… I was planning to run 10K today.  Instead, since the training hasn’t exactly been going to plan, I decided to walk the event instead and consider it training for the 4daagse.  And since Mum is out here with me, I dragged her along too for the ride!
The truth of the matter is that despite I always tell everyone that I’m visiting Vancouver, my Grandmother lives in a neighbouring city rather than Vancouver itself, and we very rarely make it downtown.  So, it was actually quite good fun to go into Vancouver, first on Saturday to pick up our start numbers, and then again today for the race itself. 

We were lucky to have fantastic weather, resulting in an amazing turnout of 51,417 participants.  Not for nothing is this billed as Canada’s largest 10K.  As walkers, we started in the last group, and didn’t manage to get over the starting line until about 10.30.  As the official race start was at 9am, we had a lot of hanging around.

The route took us past the cathedral, and to the tip of Stanley Park, home to the Vancouver Aquarium, which is one of the places we always used to visit when I was a kid, and then primarily along main streets around the edge of town, finishing up at the ice hockey stadium.  I couldn’t help but think that if I ever decide to run a marathon, it would be pretty cool to do it in Vancouver.  It’s a city that can’t help looking good, with the water and the backdrop of snow covered mountains.

Vierdaagse Training Progress:
Total distance: 79.9km / 49.9mi
Longest walk: 25km / 15.6mi

I’m still looking for my first sponsor for the Vierdaagse! You can sponsor me here: 

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  1. Awesome!!Sounds like a great route–I've only been to Vancouver once myself, but I'm familiar with some of the attraction-y sites you mentioned :-).

  2. Yep, Vancouver is a cool city… such a shame we hardly go there! My mum and I had loads of fun when we were there on Saturday.

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