Choral Eucharist (Nave) – 15th August 2010

  • Communion Setting – Prince of Peace, Lloyd Webber
  • Motet – Oculi Omnium, Andrew Parnell
  • Motet – Ave Maria, Elgar

Cathedral Eucharists are always a bit scary.  By Sunday, the routine of the cathedral evensong is familiar but the Eucharist always holds surprises – different ways of processing, slightly different orders of service, and to top it all off, you’re usually sitting up at the altar in the nave, under everyone’s view.  Today was also unusual in the fact that instead of singing for one Eucharist, we actually sang for two, the first being the family service in the nave, and the second being the old -fashioned 1662 BCP (Book of Common Prayer) service, which was held in the comfort of the Quire, where we’ve been singing evensong all week.

Actually, this first Eucharist went remarkably smoothly, no surprises when the choir wasn’t ready to sing, no unexpected organ fanfares at the wrong time, and no choir members getting lost during the procession.

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