Choral Evensong – 10th August 2010

Our group of singers is beginning to come together a bit more today.  At the moment we have 23 singers, from about 10 different choirs, and 4 different countries.  Later on in the week, our numbers will swell yet further as the last singers arrive.

  • Preces and Responses – Morland Responses, Ellis
  • Psalms – 53, 54, 55
  • Canticles – Walmisley in D Minor
  • Anthem – Geistliches Lied, Brahms

Somewhat unnerving to find out after the fact that both Graham Ellis, the composer of the responses, and Andrew Carter, composer of yesterday’s anthem, were in the congregation, as were my own personal fan club of Mum, Dad, Auntie Jane and Uncle Tim, who have come and supported every year.

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  1. I must admit that I am jealous of you guys, what fun this must be. Walmsley in D minor…love it! Curious as to the other evensongs. Keep us posted plse and say hi to the singers I know and love so well…..

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