Choral Evensong – 14th August 2010

  • Introit – Prayer of King Henry VI, Henry Ley
  • Preces and Responses – Morland Responses, Graham Ellis
  • Psalms 73 and 74
  • Canticles – St Andrew’s Service, Peter Aston
  • Anthem – Blessed be the God and Father, S. S. Wesley

So, yesterday I moved over to cantoris (and thus second alto) for the second half of the week.  Today, we ended up having a reshuffle, and I found myself back on decani (first alto) again.  It didn’t make too much difference in today’s service, though I got caught out a couple times in the canticles, but it does mean that I’ll have to be on my toes tomorrow when we’re singing quite a bit of music with two alto lines (some of which I’ll now be sight reading).

With 3 services tomorrow, we didn’t have much free time today, but I did manage to take a few more photos, including this one of the organ.

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