Mass – 5th June 2011

Today was one of the rare occasions where we’re called upon to sing the Mass at the Nicolaas. Awake at 6am, it almost felt like I was back on safari again, although strangely it was light – I’ve got used to getting up in the dark of late. Thanks to my birthday gift from my fellow choir members at least I could take a cup of tea with me – my standard Sunday Mass gripe is that the shop at the train station isn’t open early enough.

Some repetition of yesterday’s music, to keep things simple, but with the introduction of a new Mass – the Missa Brevis, by Lennox Berkeley.

  • Mass: Miss Brevis, Lennox Berkeley
  • Offertory: God is gone up, Croft
  • Motet: O Rex Gloriae, Marenzo
  • Psalm: 99 (Walmisley)

I’m slowly getting the hang of singing the Mass, though I remain unimpressed with my ability to sing in Dutch – I still stumble sometimes over the words (I have to admit that I simply don’t always understand them!), and my intonation isn’t great.

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