After a gruelling queuing experience in Vancouver Airport, and painfully long stopover in a dark corner of Anchorage’s Ted Stevens Airport, I arrived in Kodiak, courtesy of an Era Aviation Dash 8, to find my suitcase mysteriously absent.

Having been on the move for almost 12 hours, and doubting the competency of the check in agent at Vancouver who’d not only had to ask me for the airport code for Kodiak, but had also put the wrong flight number on my baggage tag, I was just about ready to enter full blown emotional meltdown, when my suitcase was fetched from a little storage room, having somehow managed to arrive on an earlier flight.  How it avoided the tedium of the long wait in Anchorage, I’d love to know!

After meeting up for dinner with Arie and Marcel, I collapsed gratefully into bed, and enjoyed a long sleep… until about 5am, when the jet lag kicked in, and having tossed and turned for a couple hours, I decided to go out for an early run before breakfast.  No camera with me, but I still managed to capture a couple shots with the iPhone in the beautiful morning light.


We rented a car for the day, and set off to the explore the island.  Or at least, that part of the island that can be explored from the one main road.  We were hoping to find some good spots where the salmon were running, not so much for the salmon themselves, but for the eagles and bears that might be feeding them.  We did see a couple eagles, but they had the bad grace to fly away as soon as we appeared.  The bears were conspicuously absent.

Arriving back at the hotel, there was just time to switch rooms and download the day’s photos before heading back to Kodiak’s one room airport to collect Mum.

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  1. What wonderful photographs. You must be having the time of your life. Enjoy every minute and give Mum our love. A & M

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