Kodiak to Anchorage

I started out the day taking a few last photos of fishing boats at the harbour, a little hampered by the flashing light on my camera telling me that the battery might conk out at any moment.

After that it was time for a quick breakfast (if only I’d discovered the hidden waffles earlier in the stay, they were about the only tasty thing on the breakfast menu), and then off to Kodiak’s little one room (shed) airport.  Thank heavens for the free wifi, because there isn’t much else to do, and our flight was a little delayed.

An hour later we arrived in rainy Anchorage, hired ourselves a car, and set off down the Kenai peninsula, to see what we could see.  The weather conditions did rather obscure the scenery, but that which emerged from behind the mist was stunning, with (snow-topped) mountains and glaciers rising out of the water.  We made a couple short photo stops, and of course, the obligatory stop for a well-timed freight train.


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